Dean’s Master Key Journey


R Dean Yancey, your Vision Builder

Welcome Home to your True Identity. There’s much to unlearn about yourself. Finding your True Identity is as simple as letting go of all the things you believe about yourself. Beliefs are the problem. Beliefs have power. They can both move you ahead and hold you back. That’s why it’s so important that you choose wisely.

Choose Wisely. That’s what I am determined to do for myself and if possible help you to do the same. To help uncover your True Identity we’ll explore, learn and APPLY the principles outlined in the Master Key System. Principles that replace beliefs with truth!

Notes on The Journey are my thoughts and reflections on the experience I had/am having implementing the Master Key System. Enjoy and add your comments, questions and view points. And, of course, in 12 Step fashion, “Take What You Like and Leave the Rest!” 

Welcome. Feel free to follow me on this Hero’s Journey, hopefully it will help you on yours!

Don’t Let Your Wisdom Die With You